S’more Skillet Pan Brownies

S’more Skillet Pan Brownies

Secret Kiwi Kitchen S'more skillet brownie

What if you could have campfire fun anytime you wanted! Well our S'more Skillet Brownie is the answer to your dreams. Loaded with ooey-googey goodness Secret Kiwi Kitchen's S’mores Skillet Brownie has all the flavour and fun but with no campfire needed. By making the 'Smores' in a cast iron pan, it's easy to throw them under the broiler to achieve that wonderful rustic roasted touch! 

Consisting of SKK's fudgy brownie topped with a layer of gooey toasted marshmallows and Whittaker bar pieces, what's not to love?! The kids all went made for this dessert! We made it with extra big marshmallows, since we are 'mallow' obsessed but you can make it with any size marshmallows.

Starting with a cookie crust-- traditionally in the USA,  graham crackers are used but as they can be hard to find down under, we substituted with digestive crackers and they were every bit as delicious!



2 cups finely crushed cookies- graham crackers/digestives

100 grams melted butter

SKK Brownie Mix- 2 eggs, butter


Chocolate pieces


Cast Iron Skillet*

In a large bowl combine finely crushed graham crackers, and melted butter. Press crust into the greased skillet and use the bottom measuring cup to back of a spoon pack the crust tightly.

Secret Kiwi Kitchen's S'more Skillet Brownie Crust

Bake crust at 350F/180C for 10 minutes. While the crust is baking prepare Secret Kiwi Kitchen Brownie mix. We used 2 eggs instead of 4 but both will taste fab!

Secret Kiwi Kitchen Brownie Mix S'more Skillet Dessert


Once crust has baked pour the batter gently and evenly over the cookie crust and bake 25-27 minutes. 

When brownies are just baked cover with marshmallows turn the broiler on low and place the brownies under the heat. Watch carefully so they do not burn. Add chocolate pieces. Let cool completely. To achieve clean cuts you must run your knife under hot water and clean the knife after each slice.   

* Our go to cast iron skillet is Iron Clad Co's Legacy Pan. Any heavy bottom pan will work but we are slightly obsessed with cooking everything in a good quality cast iron pan





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