Secret Kiwi Kitchen's Baked Chocolate Donuts

Secret Kiwi Kitchen's Baked Chocolate Donuts
Who loves doughnuts?! 
Well, for those of you shouting 'Me, me, me! I've got great news for you:  Our 
Dark Chocolate Cake/Cupcake mix can also make  <drumroll please> DOUGHNUTS!!
Even better, a healthier take on the deep fried version, but just as delicious and moreish.
All you need is a doughnut shaped mold (pretty easy to come across either in a baking aisle or online).
Make up Secret kiwi Kitchen Dark Chocolate Cake/Cupcake mix, following directions for cupcakes. 
Generously spray your doughnut mold with baking spray, for an easy release and bake at 180 deg,  for around 12 minutes.
Let cool completely before turning out. 
Then marvel at the perfect beautiful  chunky rings of goodness for a while...take your time. You did that! Congratulations.
Secret Kiwi Kitchen Baked Chocolate Donuts
All that's left is to decide how to decorate them.
You could make a chocolate ganache, with some melted chocolate and some hot cream. You could make some vanilla buttercream and decorate with freeze dried berries, or fresh fruit. You could use some cream cheese and icing sugar. Sprinkle choccie chips, or coconut. Or just a glaze with some Secret Kiwi Kitchen Edible Botanicals sprinkled over!
Or here's a crazy idea, you can leave them plain??
They will look and taste fantastic no matter what you choose, these are your babies, you throw whatever your heart desires on top of those things!
Your doughnuts are going to look epic, and everyone will hail you as a kitchen GOD. You will be a doughnut HERO my friend.
And the best part is, because they are healthier option can have two! (or 3, we won't tell)
What are you waiting for?!
Secret Kiwi Kitchen Chocolate Cake Mix Donuts

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  • Wow looks awesome . I am going to do these for Xmas. Thanks for the idea ,I did not know you could use the mix this way .

    Phyllis on

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