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We're Clare & Lulu-

two mums with seven boisterous and energetic kids between us. We believe in the magic of home baking and the power of spectacular sweet treats to brighten any day.

We've been secretly cooking up a storm over the past few months, perfecting decadent dessert sauces and super easy-to-make exquisite baking mixes. When Auckland's second lockdown happened in August of 2020, we knew we couldn't wait any longer -- so we launched Secret Kiwi Kitchen to help brighten our local community with a fun and delicious offering. The response has been overwhelming!

A naughty indulgence without nasty chemicals

Our treats are old-fashioned goodness. Our customers say it reminds them of their grandmother’s baking--and we are pretty chuffed as we think that’s the best kind.

But we also understand how busy life can get… that it’s hard to come up with a plate to share or tea-time baking from scratch. So we've come up with the perfect solution: we do all your boring prep and you do the fun part. Nothing beats home-baked goodies and sharing them with friends!

We believe a naughty indulgence doesn’t have to have nasty chemicals and nameless ingredients. We make our products with the best New Zealand and international sourced ingredients we can find. Our quality ingredients like Dutch cocoa all have clear supply chains, our coconut is without sulphites, and we use natural vegetable dyes instead of chemicals.

The Secret Ingredient is LOVE

We’re really proud of Secret Kiwi Kitchen and the items we offer. We’ve poured our heart and soul into every product we make and believe people can taste the difference when something is made with love and care. Our treats are produced in small batches by real people.

We hope you enjoy our treats and that they bring you and your family a whole heap of happiness :-)

Meet LuLu

When Lulu was 16, she came up with the idea of selling a chocolate chip Kahlua brownie through her family's stand at the Martha’s Vineyard Farmers’ Market. The brownie was a huge hit and helped draw crowds at the stand for over 25 years! Since then, Lulu has worn many hats: caterer, professional crepe maker, glassblower, photographer, cookbook editor, and digital marketer. Pondering what her next incarnation would be after COVID-19 turned her work career sideways - Clare asked one day out of the blue if she wanted to start a Fudge Sauce business. Without hesitation, she replied ‘YES!’

Lulu helped perfect the White Chocolate Blondie -- a customer fav! “They're super addictive ,” she says. “rich and buttery, with crispy edges-- I can never just eat one, they are absolutely divine!”

Lulu's Favourite Treat

Meet Clare

Clare is not new to the confectionary business. In 2014, she started a fudge company on Waiheke Island, The Waiheke Fudge Company, which became hugely popular and was seen on the shelves of many retailers across New Zealand, including Countdown and Nosh. She successfully sold the business in 2016. A broadcast journalist prior to having four children, Clare lives with her family in Devonport and bakes up a storm for friends and neighbours or anyone lucky enough to be in line for one of her incredible treats!

Clare used her fudge-making prowess to bring an extra special depth to the Triple Fudge Brownie, Secret Kiwi Kitchen's most popular product -- “It's like biting into a chocolate goldmine," she said. "Rich, indulgent and addictively irresistible...A little naughty, but oh so nice!”

Clare's Favourite Treat
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