Halloween Fluffernutters!

Secret Kiwi Kitchen Halloween Fluffernutters by Laura Young

Do you know what a Fluffernutter is? It's crazy cult American treat that is essentially a peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwich. It's a super fun irresistible combo that is delicious to eat simply spread on bread or you can go crazy and add all kinds of extra ingredients like bananas or special artistic touches. 

One of our favourite food bloggers Laura Young had never heard of Marshmallow Fluff and was intrigued by the idea of experimenting with it, so we sent her a jar of Secret Kiwi Kitchen's Marshmallow Fluff.

Laura is not only a talented chef but she is also a recipe developer and food stylist. So of course, being the crazy talented person she is-- she took a simple jar of Fluff and created the most amazing Fluffernutter sandwich we have ever seen.

Check out her incredible Halloween Fluffernutters: Skeleton cat, spooky ghost and night scene Halloween toast right here...

Secret Kiwi Kitchen Marshmallow Fluffernutters Laura YOung

Here are Laura's Directions to make these special Fluffernutters:

1. Pan-fry sliced bread in butter/oil until golden brown and crispy (I prefer toasting just the one side, so the other side stays a little soft/ fluffy)- then allow to cool slightly (to prevent melting your toppings).

2. Decorate toasts with:
🥜 peanut butter (I used crunchy for the texture and found spreading with an offset spatula helps, or a knife)
☁️ Secret Kiwi Kitchen's Marshmallow Fluff which I put into a piping bag to draw my shapes and also a toothpick to neaten the edges)
🌰 Nutella for the extra details (placed in a piping bag with a small round tip nozzle to pipe on all those outlines.)

You can following Laura at The Culinary Letter or on Instagram 


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