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lauren lulu taylor and Clare Gallagher Founders of Secret Kiwi Kitchen

We are so thrilled that Women's Day Magazine featured us and the story of Secret Kiwi Kitchen in their latest edition.

Lauren (Lulu) and Clare say friendship is the secret ingredient to their baking mixes, which are selling like hot cakes.

Lauren and Clare say friendship is the secret ingredient to their baking mixes, which are selling like hot cakes

Excerpts from the 4 page spread:

Secret Kiwi Kitchen began in secret in a Kiwi kitchen, hence the name. Once Aotearoa powered through that first lockdown, Clare and Lauren(Lulu) got to work creating dessert sauces, which led to brownies, then baking mixes – each recipe focused on flavour and ease.

Secret Kiwi Kitchen founders and family

They spent months testing mixes, sourcing the highest-quality ingredients they could get their hands on. The test team included Clare's four kids, Poppy, 15, Finley, 14, Rhoan, 11, and Imogen, 7, as well as Lauren's daughters, Olivia, 18, and Lila, 15 and Cybella, 20 (not pictured).

When a second lockdown hit, there was a renewed interest in baking and the pair's convenient baking mixes – containing all the dry ingredients needed for delicious brownies – became an online winner.

Lauren Lulu Taylor and Clare Gallagher founders of Artisan Food Company Secret Kiwi Kitchen

"What's really nice about our mixes is they give people a moment of connection and it's an activity as well," says Lauren. "It's great to get kids cooking and it gives you flexibility. But even after this last lockdown, we've been busy – it's a way to have fresh baking that's easy and you know it will be delicious."

So what sets Secret Kiwi Kitchen apart from the other baking mixes? While they
are insanely convenient – the pancake mix only requires water – their customers all agree it's the taste.


Now a finalist for the Product of the Year trophy at the NZ Food Awards, and in talks with two major distributors in Australia and Singapore, the ladies will surely have their
work cut out for them in the coming year, but neither would have it any other way.

"What matters most is that our customers are happy and they like everything we do,"
says Clare. "And that we like doing it!"

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