Covid Prevention Policy

Doing our part to stay Covid-Safe

At Secret Kiwi Kitchen, we work to stay vigilant and are very conscientious about following all appropriate health guidelines to keep our team, our partners, and our customers safe.

Our deliveries are contactless,, and we follow all Ministry of Health Guidelines, including:

  • Provide facilities and resources so everyone on the premises can regularly wash and dry their hands.
  • Supply hand sanitiser where handwashing facilities are not easily available, for example, at the entrance to business premises and areas where staff are working.
  • Provide masks for all workers and staff to use indoors and where physical distancing from co-workers cannot be maintained.
  • Support staff to get vaccinated or tested by providing flexibility to do this in work time.
  • Ensure regular cleaning of premises, paying special attention to counters and EFTPOS terminals, door handles, and other high-touch surfaces. Follow the guidance below on how to clean surfaces correctly.
  • Avoid sharing tools and personal objects. If this is not possible, sanitise hands before and after use and clean objects between use as often as possible.
  • Provide appropriate ventilation. Open windows are recommended to increase fresh air into work areas. If mechanical ventilation is used, ensure the ventilation system is regularly maintained.

We hope that baking can bring a bit of joy to your home during this especially difficult time :)